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Funny Nurse Memes to Brighten Your Day

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Funny Nurse Memes to Brighten Your Day

Memes are a form of a culture or behavioral system that people pass to each other by through various means such as imitation. It can be a piece of text, humorous video or image. People copy them with a slight variation and spread it widely through the internet.

Nursing is one of the professions with funny memes as individuals wonder how they survive the demanding working conditions. Memes also help to inspire and elevate the mood for nurses from the stress of the difficult shift.

Nursing and safety

Nurses educate their patients about safety, but it is amazing how instructions such as these on water for injection bottle expose them to hazards.

Nurses on Isolation

To curb the spread of highly infectious diseases. Surprisingly they are the first ones to get exposed.

Funny Nurse Memes based on nursing jokes

A dying patient is rushed to hospital after police find her lying unconscious by the roadside. A nurse looks closely and declares it must be that of another nurse. How do you know, they ask? Because the stomach is empty and the bladder is full.

Q: How many nurses can change a light bulb. A: None. A nursing student will always do it for them. Doctor: Did you take this patients temperature. Nurse: No. I did not know it was missing.

Nurse in Heaven

A nurse is at the gate to heaven. St Peter asks her for introduction and the reason to allow her in. The nurse says “I was a nurse and case manager at the hospital.” St. Peter starts punching away on a gadget and finally declares that "your file shows your admission here is for 5 days." Difference between a nurse and others What is the difference between a nun and a nurse? A nun only serves God, but a nurse helps everyone.

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Jokes On Characteristics Of A Real Nurse

There are many funny nurse memes derived from the line "you know you are a nurse if you:"

  • Wash hands a full minute and turn the faucet off with your elbow when using the restroom
  • Almost feel germs on all doorknobs and telephone receivers
  • Watch the goriest of movies and still eat anything even with lots of tomato sauce
  • Have been to exposed to numerous x-rays that they have become a birth control method
  • Think of keeping a sterile field when cooking
  • Produce a rattling noise when walking because of the clamps and scissors on your pocket
  • Find at least 4 pens when someone borrows one
  • Discuss wounds and drainage in a restaurant till the people next table run for the door
  • Sight of blood does not move you unless you are the one bleeding
  • Want to kick the nurse on a TV screen featuring on a soap or series doing nothing except flirting with doctors and talking on the phone

Funny Nurse Memes On Misunderstandings

Nurse and patient

Patient: A wasp has stung me. Have you got something for it? Nurse: Where is it? Patient: I do not know. By now, it must be miles away.

Nurse and husband to a wife who just died

Visitor: I am here to see my wife. She was admitted after an accident. Can I see her? Nurse: I am sorry. You are too late. Visitor: No problem. I will return in the morning.

Nurse and doctor

Doctor: I was coming to discharge this patient, but he is half dead. What happened? Did you not give him two tablets every eight hours? Nurse: I gave him eight every two hours.

Nurse requesting for a lab test

Nurse: Take this urine specimen container and use it in the bathroom in the adjacent door. Patient returns with a relieved look on the face after a few minutes. Patient: It is good that you knew I was seriously pressed. Thank you for helping me with a container, but luckily, I found a nice toilet. I did not have to use it.

Funny Nurse Memes To Brighten Your Day During Christmas Break

Description of 12 things that nurses do.

Nursing version of jingle bells

Although many say that when you see a nurse smile, she must be off duty, funny memes on nurses are a reason to laugh during shift breaks. Sadly, it might not be frequent because nurses are extremely busy. If you see a photo of a nurse at work sitting to read funny messages on the phone, it is photoshop.

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