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Common Spanish Essay Writing Mistakes.

Just like any other literary work, Spanish essay writing is prone to mistakes. Whether deliberate or otherwise, students make a lot of mistakes while writing their Spanish essays. Though some may not seem be quite committed, there are those that are common with many Spanish students. With a view to helping Spanish students identify the most common Spanish essay writing mistakes, SpanishEssays.org has identified the following:



This is the mother of all common Spanish essay writing mistakes. Though essay writing should be work of research, many students confuse this with making direct references from already written materials. If you can not acknowledge the fact that the idea is not your own, then you are most likely plagiarizing. Being a serious academic crime, our prolific writers suggests that a student must clearly mention which idea is his or hers, and which one is someone else’s.

Spelling errors and word misuse.

This one has been highlighted as one of the common Spanish essay writing mistakes. In that regard, spelling mistakes has no excuses in front of any lecturer. SpanishEssays.org recommends that you run your essay through spell checkers before delivering your Spanish essay. The major pitfall for many Spanish students originates from spelling mistakes and incorrect use of words. Always ensure that your essay is proofread and that all words are relevant to the subject of study. With this, you are guaranteed of a high-quality essay on the same.

Failure to meet page limits.

Spanish essays are written with certain specific rules. One of these is the number of pages that a specific essay must contain. Our professional essay writers suggest that every student must write their Spanish essays in accordance with the required page limit and font size. Delivering a Spanish essay that is short of the required page numbers is not in any way impressive.

Missing thesis.

Though it may sound a little simple, thesis writing is a major component of any quality and fully effective Spanish essay. Though there are certain exceptions to the rule, we suggest that it is vital to provide a thesis statement at the end of your introductory paragraph. This is a common Spanish writing mistake which should be avoided at all costs.

Incomplete sentences.

The best quality Spanish essay must be fully comprehensive. To fully achieve this, SpanishEssagys.org recommends that students should limit the use of fragmented, distorted and incomplete sentences. Being one of the common Spanish essay writing mistakes, incomplete sentences not only drag your scores, but also portrays you as an unorganized student without a hint of what is expected of him or her.

Poor use of paragraph breaks.

It does not matter how knowledgeable you are about your research project. The way you plan your paragraphs speaks volumes about you. The general rule with Spanish essay writing is that each paragraph should tackle a specific idea. However, most students do not seem to acknowledge this. In most cases, students deliver Spanish essays that contain poor paragraph breaks.

Misuse of commas.

Commas are used to serve different purposes when writing a Spanish essay. However, most students do not seem to know which purposes commas serve. One of its uses is to separate clauses in a sentence. So, always counter-check your Spanish essay to ensure that commas are properly used.

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