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How to quit smoking essay

More people smoke on daily basis than you may think in United States. Statistics shows that more than 50 million people in united sates are smokers. There are more smokers in African and Asian countries than in any other continent. The statistics may be shocking, but the reason why people start to smoke is good enough to make them wish to quit smoking. There are very many ways one can quite smoking but not all work for every individual smoker. Just because one way may work for your friend does not mean it will work for you. For one, nicotine addiction is quite powerful; quitting it completely is a bit hard. There are so many websites with information and concoctions of medicine being offered to smokers, to aid them in quitting smoking. The most advocated method of quitting to smoke is acupuncture and nicotine gum. These two methods have their disadvantages and advantages. This article will not dwell so much in the two methods as their information is widely available in their respective websites, but will endeavor to give you tips on how to quit smoking. The tips are found at the Spanishessays.org website

Smoking is a form of drug addiction just like all the others, although it is more torareted than other forms of drug addiction. In the current health consciousness dispensation sweeping the world, more people are willing to give up the habit, but are faced with many obstacles of completely quitting smoking. The first steps of quitting smoking are in:

  • Believing in your inner strength. Believe you can stop smoking, just like the way you believe you can handle a difficult issue in your life. You have all the energy to quit smoking; everything else is up to you.
  • Write down a list of difficult things you have accomplished. Let smoking be one of those in the waiting list. Write down a well detailed plan on how you are going to quit smoking customized to your personality of handling difficult issues.
  • List down the benefit you will receive after you stop smoking. Some of the general benefits are in living longer, feeling better, saving money and smelling better.
  • Ask your friends and family to support your resolve. Let them know that quitting to smoke will initially make you to be a bit more irritating, irrational and will show signs of withdrawal. They should not be judgmental on you.
  • Set a date when you will extinguish cigarettes smoking in your life. Prepare you mind for that actual moment when you will smoke your last cigarette.
  • Support from medical professionals is more important, as they will give you some guidance to better your chances of quitting smoking.
  • Make an exercise program. Smoking does not go well with smoking. Your exercise program will help in relieving stress, and it always is good to start on a low pace. Consult your doctor before starting any exercise program.
  • Learn the habit of deep breathing. Deep breath with your nose and exhale with your mouth after holding you breathe for few seconds. Do these three to six minutes everyday with closed eyes.
  • While you close your eyes think about yourself as a non-smoker. Develop a creative way to visualize yourself as smoke-free person.
  • There are two ways you can stop smoking. Either by quitting gradually or outright stopping to smoke. Find the method that works well for you. It is good to find somebody else who is also trying to quit and you can help each other.

There are more and more ways to stop smoking but if you could only follow the above method as advocated by the essaywritingtips.org, you might be successful in ultimately quitting smoking.



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