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A personal experience essay is an essay whereby the writer narrates to the reader a particular significant incident, which happened in the course of their lives. A Spanish personal experience essay is done by a Spanish student as part of their coursework, and it aims at exposing the student in question to the practical field, other than the theoretical work they had been doing in class. This is an essay which tests on a student’s creativity and writing skills, and it plays an important role in nurturing those skills.


 The best Spanish personal experience essay is the one distinctively laid in terms of organization, from the beginning to the end. It must have a good topic, an appealing and catchy introduction, a good body stating and tackling appropriately the arguments and ideas the writer tries to put across, which must evolve and transit smoothly, then finally the conclusion, which sums up the whole Spanish personal experience essay. This is a kind of essay which must never have gaps or unnecessary assumptions at the cost of the reader; they will give up reading. The language used too must be appropriate and appealing.

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