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Nursing A Baby In Spanish

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Nursing A Baby In Spanish

Nursing a baby is to feed infants and young children with milk from the mother’s breast. Health professionals recommend that mothers breast. It is a recommendation by health professionals that new mothers breastfeed their babies within their first of life and continue nursing as much amount and many time times as the child wants.

Health research since time immemorial shows that nursing a baby is healthy as it passes vital vitamins and nutrients to the baby. The mother should do it for at least six first months of a child’s life.

Medical professionals who offer health education to parents must keep reminding them about the importance of nursing their babies as breast milk has substances that help to fight diseases. All mothers are not native English speakers. Many women also speak the second most used language, Spanish and it is necessary for health care personnel especially in gynecology and pediatrics to learn the language of communication with this population group.

Tips on Nursing A Baby In Spanish

Give you breast milk for first six months. Continue to breastfeed the baby after it starts eating solid foods until the end of first years.

S que de pecho a subebédurante los primerosseismeses. También dice queusteddebecontinuar con la lactanciamaternadespués de quesubebé ha comenzado a comer alimentossólidos, hasta el final del primer año.

Breastfeeding should not be painful. However, the nipples might be slightly tender to touch in the first few weeks of breastfeeding.

La lactanciamaterna no debeser dolorosa. Sin embargo, los pezonespuedenestarligeramentetierno al tactodurantelasprimerassemanas de lactancia.

Nipples can also be sensitive when the baby suckles for the first few seconds. It usually does not last long.

Los pezonestambiénpuedensersensiblescuando el bebésuccionadurante los primerossegundos. Normalmente no dura mucho tiempo.

It is important to visit a doctor if breastfeeding hurts continuously.

Esimportantevisitar a unmédicosi la lactanciaduelecontinuamente.

Steps to nursing a baby in Spanish

Sit comfortably while supporting your back without leaning back.

sentarsecómodamentemientrasapoya la espalda sin inclinarsehaciaatrás

Let your lap to be flat. Raise your feet if necessary.

Deja queturegazo sea plano. Levante los pies siesnecesario

You and your baby will be more comfortable if you put a pillow on your lap.

Positioning a baby to the breast

Sostener al bebé en suseno

Hold the baby close to your chest with his head leaning back.

Sostenga el armario del bebé en supecho con sucabezaque se inclinadetrás

The bottom lip of the baby and tongue should reach the breast first. They should touch the breast from the nipple and far as possible.

El labio inferior delbebé y la lenguadebenalcanzar el pechoprimero. Deben tocar la mama desde el pezón y lo máslejosposible.

Holding the baby onto the breast

Wait for the baby to open the mouth wide. When he opens it, move him smoothly and fast to your breast.

Espere a que el bebéabra la boca. Cuando lo mueve de manera suave y rápida a supecho

How will breastfeeding happen?

Your baby draws milk from the nipple by scooping a big mouthful. He will use his tongue to keep removing the milk from the breast.

Su bebéextrae la lechedelpezónrecogiendo un bocadogrande.

Élusarásulengua para seguirquitando la lechedelpecho.

You know the baby is suckling when the lips stay on the nipple.

Ustedsabeque el bebéestámamandocuando los labios se quedan en el pezón

When the baby feeds, you will notice the jaw move up and down. You will also hear him swallow the milk.

Cuando el bebé se alimenta, notaráque la mandíbula se muevehaciaarriba y haciaabajo. También lo escucharástragar la leche.


Breast milk has much nutritional value to babies. It is essential for health care professionals to provide information on nursing a baby in Spanish to speakers of the language for them to learn about the full benefits.

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