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Nursing Spanish Phrases

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Nursing Spanish Phrases

No one likes to get sick and go to a hospital. When patients go to a clinic or any care facility, most of them are anxious even when the problem is something minor to the medical professionals. A medical assistant and a nurse are the first people that patients meet. A Spanish speaking patient will become tenser if he/she finds a nurse who is cannot the language. It will overwhelm the nurse and take away an opportunity to diagnose the problem promptly. Patients are the best source of information about symptoms and it herpes nurses to make a diagnosis.

It is essential for nurses to learn the at least the standard nursing Spanish phrases to allow communication with patients and colleagues who speak this language.

Nursing Spanish Phrases in Examination /Emergency Room

Hello, my name is… I am your nurse- Hola, mi nombre es…Hola soy tuenfermera

What is your full name and age? - Cualessunombrecompleto y edad?

What is the problem?-Cuál es el problema?

Are you in pain?-¿Estásadolorido?

Is it mild or strong?-¿Es leve o fuerte?-

Please go to that room.-Por favor, veaesahabitación.

I need to take your temperature and blood pressure. -Necesitotomarsutemperatura y presión arterial.

Do you have nausea? -¿Tienes náusea?

How long have you been sick?-¿Cuántotiempo has estadoenferma?

Have you been on treatment?-¿Has estado en tratamiento?

Have been eating well?-Han estadocomiendobien?

How is your digestion?-¿Cómo es tu digestión?

Nursing Spanish Phrases In Spanish During Examination

Take a deep breath. Cough. -Tome unarespiraciónprofunda. Tos

Inhale and exhale. -Inhale y exhale

How is your bowel movement? -¿Cómoessuevacuación intestinal?

Please wear the examination gown and lie on the examination table.-Por favor, use la bata de examen y se acueste en La Mesa de examen

I will take a urine/ stool/blood test.-Tomaré una orina, heces, análisis de sangre

You will go for an x-ray. -Usted irá a una radiografía.

You will get an injection. -Usted recibirá una inyección.

Please relax. -Por favor relajate.

The doctor said you will go for surgery. -El doctor dijoqueiras a la cirugia

Sorry to bother you. -Perdón por molestarte

Nurses Spanish Phrases in Hospital Wards

Did you sleep well last night?-¿Dormiste bien anoche?

Are you better now. -estásmejorahora

Do you want to use the toilet?-¿Quieresusar el baño?

You can take a bath.-Puedes tomar un baño.

This is your medicine -Estaestumedicina

Are you thirsty/hungry?-Tienessed / hambre.

Do you feel cold/hot? -¿Te sientes frío / caliente

I will clean your wound. -Voy a limpiar tu herida

I will change your wound dressing-Voy a cambiarsuvendaje de heridas

The doctor is coming. -Voy a cambiartuvestidor

My shift is over. Another nurse will take over. - Otra enfermera se hará cargo

Nursing Spanish Phrases for Elderly Patients

Most elderly patients are usually on continued treatment. When a nurse takes care of old patients, it is essential that you ask s these questions to know their clinical history. They also help you to establish if they have been understanding instructions and taking their prescriptions correctly.

Have been taking any medicine? -Ha estado tomando cualquier medicamento

Please inform me the purpose of each medication. -Ha estado tomando cualquier medicamento.

How often do you take your medicine? -Con qué frecuencia toma su medicina?

Do you take any supplements? -¿Tomaalgúnsuplemento?

Does anyone help you at home?-¿Alguienteayuda en casa?

Learning Spanish nursing phrases and mastering the language contributes to improve the quality of conversation and reduce misunderstanding when speaking to patients who use it as their first or only dialect.

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